…I have lost my data…this mean…

I have lost my data and this mean…

….Recently I have lost all my data, files, documents, pictures, my digital drawings.

For a while, I was really shocked.

I have tried to recuperate my hard disk…Nothing. 

Looking for an hope in my file History, no way, I did find 10 pics and no drawings. 🙁

Now I can say, I have paid my stupidity.

             Ok, now it is a new day…

New drawings are coming…I am still sad but now I am no more in pain. Last week I grabbed my pencil and my watercolours.

Last week I grabbed my pencil and my watercolours.

My Wacom is ready to be used.

Here I am, ready for a new adventure and to back up all my data ^-^.

Gesture Drawing

Gesture Drawing

Recent Gesture Drawings

Drawings on paper from pics. I am taking confidence to draw the human body. Surely I am feeling more confident than before. I hope you will like them.


Zentangle Flowers


Artwork By Annalisa Amato

I do love flowers, and Zentangle, I do feel free when I draw them…this is an original Zentangle Artwork 37.50h x 29.50 w cm, markers on thick paper .
Contact me for info

Zentangle Flower by Annalisa AmAto
Zentangle Flower

The girl with flowers

I’m not that good with words, I can express myself with the drawings.
I call her “girl with the flower on the head”.
Well,  because sometimes we would go around with such beautiful flowers, vibrant colors that decorate our head?
Here she does it, but what is it behind her? Who is watching with his smiling eyes?
She captures all the light.

I hope you will enjoy it.

ragazza con fiori su testa finale

ragazza con fiori su testa finale